About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide wholesome family programming for you and your family to enjoy. We want to create the type of programming that delivers quality humor and also sends a positive message. We want to encourage all children to make good decisions in life. Our effort will help children live a positive lifestyle and also help to create a better and more caring world. 

About The Brooks Family

The Brooks Family program was created by Matthew Ray Hendrickson pictured on the far right wearing glasses.  Matthew grew up in a small town called Saddle Brook in New Jersey. He dedicates the Brooks Family name in honor of his hometown. Marvin Wortman pictured on the left is not only the programs co-producer he also enjoys playing the roll of Farmer Ned Verone, a frequent visitor on the show. Marvin grew up in the Bronx in New York City. The programs puppets were designed by Pavlovs Puppets located in Chartres, France created by Ivan Pavlov and his wife Maria Pavlov. The Brooks Family program is a children's comedy that teaches children some valuable lessons in the world of everyday life. The story takes place deep in the Saddle Brook Forest and features a family of bears trying to live a modern day life. 

TV Stations

You can watch the Brooks Family on affiliate stations of MeTV including New York, Boston Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Minnesota, Denver, Baton Rouge and Tampa.